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  • Are you losing your hair ?

  • Do friends comment on your disappearing hair ?

  • Should you consider mens hair replacement ?

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For men, hair loss can be accepted as just another natural part of aging, or it can be seen as a real problem, causing you endless sleepless nights.

When your hair begins to thin you may hardly notice, but as the hair loss becomes more apparent it can start to play on your mind. Many men find that hair loss and loss of confidence go hand in hand.Mens Hair Replacement 

Some men worry they will look older as they lose their hair or that people won’t take them seriously if they are bald. Others think their partners won’t find them attractive any more.

If you are looking in the mirror every morning to check if your hair loss has got any worse, or you start to think that people are looking at you differently because of your thinning hair then stop . 

It’s time for you to explore mens hair replacement techniques

Contact us and you won’t have to put up with going bald just because it's a natural part of aging for men. Hair replacement techniques have improved dramatically over the years, and can help you achieve a natural looking full head of hair in no time.

Finding out about hair replacement for men 

If you’ve done your research, you’ll know that there are plenty of mens hair replacement techniques available. They may have different names and sales pitches, but the three main hair replacement methods for men are:

  • Medication - hair regrowth

  • Hair transplants - surgery

  • Hair pieces - cosmetic hair replacement 

But which of these mens hair replacement techniques is right for you ? 

By now you will have plenty more questions running through your mind:

  • Am I too young for hair transplants ?

  • Is my hair loss too extensive for medication ?

  • Will a hair piece make me look like I’m wearing a wig ?

  • Does hair replacement cost a lot of money ?

  • Who can I trust to give me a reliable opinion ?

Only one thing is guaranteed; worrying about your hair loss isn’t going to improve the situation. Driving yourself crazy wondering whether you would benefit from any of these mens hair replacement methods won’t help either.

What you do need is some sound, practical and honest advice from a company that specialises in mens hair replacement.

Pick up the phone and call Senator on 0121-356-2777 to discuss possible hair replacement techniques for you, and to book a free and confidential consultation that will answer all your burning questions.

What can Senator do for you? 

At Senator, our highly qualified and experienced technicians will be able to determine which method of mens hair replacement would best suit your age, your lifestyle and your particular stage of hair loss. 

We pride ourselves on producing natural looking results, whether you have human hair transplanted from the back of your own head, or you have a lightweight and well designed synthetic hair piece fitted. We provide great value for money, and will tailor our hair replacement solution to suit your budget.

At Senator we will give you a frank and sincere opinion on which mens hair replacement technique is likely to give you the best results, and we will never try to sell you anything that you don’t need simply to make a profit.


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