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What are hairpieces made from?

Hairpieces can either be made from human hair or synthetic fibres. Due to advances in technology, man made hair is virtually impossible to distinguish from human hair. It is also lighter and less prone to fading, and it feels softer than human hair. Human hair must be styled with chemicals, whereas synthetic hair can be styled using steam.

How are hairpieces attached?

There are three possible ways to attach a hairpiece:

a) a clip attachment consists of a series of metal clips which are securely fastened to the underside of the hairpiece and to the natural hair under or to the side of the hairpiece. These are very secure but easy to remove whenever you choose.

b) a tape attachment consists of double sided tape that can be attached to the underside of the hairpiece and to the scalp. This is a temporary attachment which can be removed and replaced as you wish. Depending on the type of tape used it can leave a slight residue on your scalp which must be washed off. It may also become loose during certain activities such as swimming.

c) a semi permanent attachment could either be a weave, where your natural hair is woven into the hairpiece to keep it in place, or a bond, where the hairpiece is effectively glued to the scalp. These attachments are designed only to be removed by a hair replacement specialist and they are not very beneficial for your scalp or your existing hair.

How can hair pieces be styled? 

Your hair replacement technician will spend a great deal of time on the style of your hairpiece, and you will be able to determine the length of the hair, whether it is curly or straight, and where the parting will be. Samples of hair from around the head will be taken before the hairpiece is made to ensure a perfect colour match.

Styling a hairpiece is a serious business and a good style is essential to give you confidence in your appearance. A fully qualified hairdresser would require around two years of additional training at the Senator Hair Clinic before they would be allowed to style one of our hairpieces without supervision.

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