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What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation involves removing a strip of skin from the part of your scalp that still has hair growing on it, splitting it into single hair follicles, and inserting these into tiny incisions in the balding part of your scalp. For some reason all men have an area around the back and sides of the head where hair will always grow, and when hairs are transplanted from these areas into the balding parts of the scalp they should continue to grow naturally.

Is hair transplantation painful?

A hair replacement procedure takes place under mild sedation and a local anaesthetic so it is not painful. Once the anaesthetic has worn off there is usually no discomfort in the areas where the hair follicles have been inserted but there may be a tingling sensation in the area where the strip of skin has been removed and the edges sutured together. Any temporary discomfort can be controlled using paracetamol.

How long does hair transplantation take?

It is advisable to set aside a full day for a hair transplantation procedure, and you would probably be at the surgery for around five hours. As there are often little scabs around the sites where the hair follicles have been inserted, many men choose to take a week off work while these heal. A minimum of two sessions is likely to be necessary to achieve a good density and these should be at least six months apart.

What are the results of hair transplantation?

After a hair transplantation procedure it takes around fourteen to sixteen weeks for the new hair to start to grow. A real difference to your appearance won’t be obvious until around six months after the transplant. Using the latest technique of single follicle transplants, the resulting hairline is generally very natural. Well executed hair transplants can make an enormous improvement in the appearance of your hair, but it doesn’t actually restore your hair, it simply moves hair from a part of the head that has plenty to a part of the head that has very little.

Am I a suitable candidate for hair transplantation?

Whether or not a client is suitable for hair transplantation depends on their age and the extent of the hair loss. Senator would not recommend transplant based hair loss treatments to clients under the age of twenty eight as the hair may still be developing. A hair transplant would also not be recommended in cases where extensive hair loss has already taken place.

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