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Senator offers a wide range of modern hair loss treatments, designed to produce the best possible results for you. With Senator you could benefit from the following three types of hair loss treatments:

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Prescription medication based hair loss treatments

There are various hair loss treatments available on prescription, and there are two that Senator may discuss with you if you are in the early stages of hair loss;

Minoxidil (brand name Regaine) is a colourless and odourless lotion that is applied to the scalp

Finasteride (brand name Propecia) is in coated tablet form and is taken once a day

Both of these treatments are designed to slow down hair loss which can lead to the appearance of increased hair density. They don’t actually cure hair lossbut can regrow hair in approximately 70% of men*. Both treatments need to be used continuously for their effects to be maintained.

Finasteride seems to be the medical hair loss treatment that achieves the best results. However, the clinical trials have not been as extensive as minoxidil and there are some potential side effects, so many men prefer to try minoxodil.

In 3% of men finasteride, or Propecia, can cause loss of libido, difficulty in achieving an erection, and a decrease in volume of semen. For this reason, finasteride would not usually be recommended for a man planning to have children. The good news is that side effects are not permanent if you stop taking the treatment.

[ * Source: Clinical studies using Minoxidil-Regaine conducted in 27 centres across the U.S. involving more then 2,300 patients with male pattern baldness].

If a medication based hair loss treatment is thought to be a possible option, Senator has a doctor available for consultations to ensure that the medication is suitable for you as an individual. Senator will not provide a medication based hair loss treatment without a prescription from a qualified Doctor licensed in the UK and made up by a UK pharmacy. 

Transplant based hair loss treatments 

Even when men lose a great deal of hair, they will always have some still growing around the back and sides of the head. Transplant based hair loss treatments use this permanent hair to reduce male pattern baldness. 

A thin strip of the skin containing this hair is removed from the back of the head, and the hair follicles are carefully taken out and placed into tiny surgical incisions in the part of the scalp where the hair is thinning. 

Once the transplant has taken place, the implanted hair will take between fourteen and sixteen weeks to begin to grow, and it may take around six months for the transplanted hair to make a significant change to your appearance. You may need two or more transplant sessions, each six months apart, to achieve the required hair density. 

Senator would not recommend transplant based hair loss treatments to clients under the age of 28 as your hair may still be developing, or in cases where extensive hair loss has taken place. 

Cosmetic hair loss treatments

Senator offers high quality, bespoke, hand made hair pieces for customers that would benefit most from cosmetic hair loss treatments. There are many varieties of hair pieces available, and at your initial consultation the following options will be discussed with you: 

  1. The style of the hair   

How long would you like the hair to be? Do you want curls or straight hair? Would you prefer a parting or a freestyle look?

The styling of your hairpiece is essential to give you confidence and pride in your appearance, and at Senator we take styling very seriously. A fully qualified hairdresser would require around two years of additional training at the Senator Hair Clinic before they would be allowed to style one of our hairpieces without supervision. 

  1. The material of the hairpiece 

There are two options available; human hair or man made fibres. Advances in hair replacement technology have meant that the appearance of man made hair is almost indistinguishable from human hair. Man made fibres are also lighter, less likely to fade, and softer to the touch than human hair. They are styled using heat and steam, whereas human hair must be styled with chemicals.

  1. The type of base

Senator use eight tried and tested bases for their bespoke hair pieces. The most appropriate base for you will often depend on your lifestyle, and your preferred method of attaching the base to the head.

Once these options have been discussed with you, samples of your existing hair will be taken. We examine hair in six different areas on your head because the colour, texture and thickness of your hair will vary across your scalp. A mould will be made of the top of your head to ensure we get the shape of the hair piece exactly right.


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