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To Senator each client is unique and has different needs and expectations, so we put together individual hair loss solutions to suit your particular hair type and circumstances.

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There are two factors we will take into account before we begin the process of designing suitable treatment:

 Age - Age is very important when deciding on which treatment will be beneficial to you. For example we would not recommend a hair transplant to a person under the age of 28 whose scalp may still be developing.

Health - Senator does not treat hair loss caused by medical conditions. For this reason a woman experiencing hair loss will only be given an initial consultation with Senator once she has seen her doctor and ruled out the possible medical conditions that might be causing temporary hair loss.

The process begins with a free, no obligation consultation with either Jackie Dawson; the Clinic Manager or Tony Webster; the proprietor of Senator. The initial consultation will take place in three key phases.

Phase 1. in designing hair loss solutions: Understanding the problem

Before Senator can recommend hair loss solutions, they need to understand what you see as the problem. They will ask you questions such as:

  • How long have you been concerned about your hair loss?

  • Why have you decided to take action and look for hair loss solutions now?

  • What are your feelings about hair loss and how is it affecting you?

Phase 2. in designing hair loss solutions: Looking to the future 

Once they have determined your perception of your hair loss, they will talk to you about your vision for the future of your hair, and the expectations you have of Senator.

  • You will be asked what steps you are prepared to take to make use of the hair loss solutions we have on offer. Are you happy to take medication to encourage hair regrowth? 
  • Would you consider surgery to transplant hairs from the back of your head to areas where your hair is thinning? 
  • How would you feel about  a cosmetic hair replacement?  

Finally they will ask if you have any ideas about how you would like your hair to look. If you have photographs taken when you had more hair or if you see a hairstyle in a magazine that you would like to aim for, it is a good idea to bring the picture along to your consultation to give us a visual starting point. 

Phase 3. in designing hair loss solutions: Physical examination of the head 

A physical examination of your hair will be necessary before we can recommend suitable hair loss solutions. The examination will mainly determine the extent of the hair loss. We will ask you the period of time over which the hair has been lost, to get an idea of what the most appropriate hair loss solutions might be.


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