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Hair Replacement UK - Senator is a leading hair replacement UK specialist -

and we have over thirty five years of experience in hair replacement techniques. At Senator our aim is to provide an honest and personal hair replacement service, and to achieve the best possible results while also giving you realistic expectations for the future of your hair.Minoxidil - Hair Replacement UK

Integrity is a key value at Senator and we will take the time to do a thorough consultation with you to determine your hair replacements needs and expectations as well as the compatibility of treatments with your lifestyle, before we make any recommendations.

We will never offer you unsuitable treatment or recommend treatment that is unnecessary.

At Senator we understand that making an appointment to talk about hair replacement possibilities can make you feel awkward, uncomfortable, or nervous, so we will do our best to put you at your ease, and to ensure that your consultation is friendly, discreet and confidential. As a client of Senator, you will be treated with utmost respect and you will be able to build a relationship of trust with your hair stylist.

What can hair replacement with Senator do for you?

Hair Replacement can:

  • Make you look 10-15 years younger

  • Increase your self confidence and improve your self image

  • Help you to create a great first impression

  • Make you more attractive to potential partners

Don’t wait around to see what will happen next, studying your reflection in the mirror day after day to check whether you have lost yet more hair. Contact Senator today and take positive action to maintain a great head of hair.

A free and confidential hair consultation with Senator will determine the best possible hair replacement programme for you, whether you are male or female, so call today on 0121-356-2777, contact Jackie by e-mail, or simply drop in for a discreet chat.

The hair replacement taboo

Are you afraid of starting hair replacement treatment ? Perhaps you think your hair loss is abnormal, or you’re worried ProFusion Hair Loss Shampoo & Conditionerthat people will find out and tease you more than they would if you simply went bald?

Be assured you are not alone. 40% of men in the UK start to lose their hair in their twenties and by fifty around half of men are bald to some degree. It’s only natural that you want to do something to reverse your hair loss; if you lost your teeth you wouldn’t think twice about having them replaced and there’s no taboo attached to that.

You may be able to have your own hair transplanted into your thinning areas if your hair loss is not too excessive.

At Senator we offer a variety of hair replacement therapies and treatments, tailored to your particular diagnosis. These

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  • Hair regrowth therapy using prescription medications

  • Hair transplants taking sections from your own hair

  • Cosmetic hair replacement




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